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Around the NPB Horn: Darvish likely to make rehab start on 18th at Phoenix League

by on Oct.08, 2009 @ 10:42 am, under NPB

Chiba Lotte Marines

...The Marines officially announced that they will not be offering contract extenstions to the following coaches and managers:

Lenn Sakata (Ni-gun manager)
Frank Ramppen (batting coach)
Ryoji Tachibana (head conditioning coach)
Benny Agbayani (OF)
Gary Burnham Jr. (INF)
Chase Lambin (OF)

...Tasuku Hashimoto is apparently thinking about exercising his FA option.

"The manager is changing so the situation is different from last year.  I didn't have a very good season this year,  but if there is a team that's interested in my services, I'll be more than happy to listen," said Hashimoto.

A number of teams are said to be interested in Hashimoto, including the Hanshin Tigers.

Chunichi Dragons

...Hitoki Iwase likely may not appear in any more regular season games this year and may instead by working towards the Climax Series.

...Masahiko Morino took some fly balls out in right field during practice on Wednesday.

If the Dragons end up facing the Tigers during the first round of the Climax Series, they may start Tomas De La Rosa at third base for his bat.

"If we get the Tigers, De La Rosa has hit them well, said Seiji Tomashino, Ichi-gun outfield and base-running coach.  "But we also can't afford to take Morino out of the line-up.  And then we began thinking where else we might be able to put him..."

Hanshin Tigers

...The Tigers announced that their 13,892,973yen donation to the Japan Red Cross (Hyogo branch) will go towards helping the victims of Typhoon #9 (living in the Town of Sayo in Hyogo Prefecture and Mimisaka City Okayama Prefecture), as well as to helping victims of the Indonesia, Sumatra earthquake.

The Tigers raised the money by auctioning off Inter-league play game-worn uniforms.

...Akihiro Yano was diagnosed with a fracture in his right ankle (右内側くるぶしの骨折).  It will likely take at least 6 weeks for the facture to heal.

Yano will remain at home until the 9th and begin a training program that won't require him to use his right ankle on the 10th.

...Toru Fujiwara told the press that he's been hired by the Tigers to be Ni-gun equipment manager.  No contracts have been signed yet, but it sounds like a done deal.

Fujiwara announced earlier that he was retiring after the current season.

Nippon Ham Fighters

...Yu Darvish's first rehab start / appearance will indeed come during the Phoenix League.  At this point, it appears he'll get the call on the 18th against the Doosan Bears at Ivy Stadium.

His first start with the parent club will likely come during the second or third game of the second round of the Climax Series.

...Tomoyuki Oda (INF)  and Takeshi Ito (P) have announced that they will be retiring at the end of the season.

...Sho Nakata picked up a heavier bat this year to help with his power numbers: 880 grams to 930 grams.  He also worked on making his swing a little more compact.

Nakata's role model is apparently Alex Rodriguez and it would seem that he also has his eyes set on joining the Yanks at some point.

Orix Buffaloes

...The Buffaloes will likely have their new manager in waiting, Akinobu Okada make any necessary lottery drawings during the upcoming draft.

Rakuten Eagles

...There are some that feel Ryan Vogelsong may have purposely hit Teppei.  Nomura appears to be one of them.

Said Nomura, "This really hurt us.  Vogelsong threw it purposely?  Pitchers don't bat. That means we don't have any choice for revenge."

When asked about the Eagles' Magic Number dropping to 2, Nomura quipped, "We deserve a money prize.  Of course, Vogelsong deserves to be fined."

Softbank Hawks

...Sadaharu Oh will be returning to the Hawks for another season as their chairman.

Yokohama Bay Stars

...Upcoming coaching, managing moves:

Takeo Kawamura (Ni-gun pitching coach) will return as an advance scout

Tomio Tashio (Ichi-gun manager) officially returns to being the Ni-gun coach

Tadashi Sugimoto (Pitching coach) and Norihiro Komada (batting coach) will not be returning next season.

Yoshikazu Takagi (Ni-gun manager) and Masayuki Miura (Ni-gun battery coach) will be joining the front office

Yomiuri Giants

...Marc Kroon will likely be added to the active roster on the 10th in time for the game against the Hiroshima Carp at Mazda Stadium.  Kroon held a 55-pitch bullpen session on Wednesday.


...Kimiyasu Kudo wants to continue pitching and plans on attending the November 12-team try-outs.

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  1. Andrew

    Difficult to say if Vogelsong hit Teppei intentionally, but if you wanted to bean someone without the risk of serious damage, throwing at the legs would be a good place to aim. Vogelsong is right handed, and Teppei bats left. The pitch was thrown directly at Teppei, intentionally or not, and I don’t remember seeing Vogelsong take his hat off to apologize. He’s been in the league long enough to know the etiquette of an accidental dead ball. Don’t know what would’ve precipitated the attack though…

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