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2 comments on “All 12 NPB Teams to Request Meeting with Kikuchi

  1. Omar


    i don’t know what to make of this.

    On one hand, I would love to see him go to MLB (preferably the Yankees) and see how he does through the minors then come up to the majors. No doubt the MLB team will treat his arm like it’s the most fragile thing on Earth.

    On the other hand, NPB has a point that MLB has an advantage and if he goes straight to the States, it can cause many other young Japanese pitchers/players
    to take their chance at MLB first. This could be disastrous for the NPB.

    I hope for the NPB’s sake, he stays in Japan.
    But at least do it fairly with MLB teams having a chance to talk to him.

    1. Gen Post author

      I take it you’re a Yankee fan? Me too.

      I don’t think the NPB is trying to block MLB teams since they realize that would likely end in a lost cause. And so now it seems they’re focusing on trying to level the playing field, which makes a little more sense than trying to stop it from happening outright.

      I’d love to see Kikuchi stay in the NPB as well — I think he has a lot to offer and he’s young enough that he could still decide to move on to the Majors later on his career (either through FA or through the posting system).

      But I guess the question is whether or not the NPB has anything appealing to offer Kikuchi that he might not be able to get in the MLB. And this is perhaps why the NPB is pushing to keep MLB clubs from submitting any hard proposals — in terms of money, there’s simply no competition.

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