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96% of Sendai fans want Nomura back next season?

by on Oct.10, 2009 @ 7:48 am, under NPB

These polls really make me laugh because they tend to be such small samples, but I figured I'd still go ahead and post the results.

According to a poll conducted in Sendai of 50 (yes, 50) fans, 48 said that they'd like to see Nomura return to the team next season.

In perhaps a slightly more involved poll conducted by Yahoo Japan (still open) 84% feel that retaining Nomura for next season would be a "positive" move while only 7% feel it would be a "negative" move.  11% are undecided.

Yahoo Survey

Yahoo Survey

One comment on “96% of Sendai fans want Nomura back next season?

  1. Andrew

    Apparently in the Field Seat area you aren’t allowed to display signs, even though we were sitting in the back row and wouldn’t have blocked anyone’s view.

    I’ll have to use it from the Ouendan on Sunday, it reads: 野村続投 (のむら ぞくとう), which loosely translates to “Continue Nomura!”

    My Japanese is crap though.

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