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Some more updates on Katsuya Nomura (10/11/2009 @ 6pm)

by on Oct.11, 2009 @ 5:59 pm, under NPB

A few more updates on the Katsuya Nomura front:

... As mentioned an in earlier post, team owner Toru Shimada plans on meeting with Nomura after tonight's game to let him know that the team does not have any plans of extending his contract.  The team will then likely make it official with an announcement on 10/12.

...Katsuki (Dan) Nomura apparently knew about the team's decision not to renew Nomura's contract, but the Eagles are denying that they would information Katsuki of the team's decision prior to meeting with Nomura.

...Sponichi mentions his salary and his health as reasons for wanting to replace him with a new manager.

...While there have been rumors people like Senichi Hoshino, Daisuke Araki, and Atsuya Furuta over the past season, Marty Brown's name currently appears to be the most likely candidate to take over for Nomura next season.

...Sponichi is carrying the following conversation with Nomura from 10/10:

There was apparently a call that said I wouldn't be continuing even if the team wins...

...I think there was a call to Dan.  I guess owner rep Inoue told him over the phone that it was decided.  When my wife asked him about it, he said, "I don't remember saying anything like that."

Has the club mentioned anything to you directly?

I haven't heard a thing.  I just wish they would stop doing things in the background.  There is something called timing.  Maybe wait until the Nippon Series is over, or the Climax Series.  A phone call is fine.  Just a message that they want to meet.  But I haven't gotten that.  Last year at the end of August I got a call from the owner, Shimada, informing me of a 1-year extension.  Maybe they already figured that they said all they need to last year.

Has the club mentioned anything about a meeting?

Nothing.  They just do stuff in the background.  They say nothing to me, but it still comes around to me.  I know they told me that stuff last year, but you figure they'll contact me again to discuss other options.

Has the club asked you what you were thinking?

No.  I know my contract was for 1 year, but does making the Climax Series have no meaning?  Don't they have any feelings about that?

Your wife Sachio wasn't told that you were out?

There's no proof either way.  But my wife said that she didn't say anything.  I heard it from Dan.  And I think Dan's story is more reliable.  I hear that Inoue is saying he said nothing, you can tell a lot by a man's actions.  Even when we clinched the Climax Series, the president didn't come to the ball park.  He didn't come when we clinched second.  If he can't show his face here, then I think you can have reason to be suspicious.

Anything you want to say to the club?

Nothing I can say here.  I'm sure I'll have a chance to talk to the club.  I think the club went through some tough times when the previous manager Tao left.  They took the upper hand when they said they wouldn't say anything more than necessary.  I wonder if they'll do that to me.

=== Update 10/13/2009 @ 2:24pm JST

After re-reading the original Japanese interview, I changed my translation of the last line because it wasn't correct.  I changed it from "I wonder if I can regain the upper hand at some point." to "I wonder if they'll do the same to me."

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