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Around the NPB Horn: Various News and Notes from October 11th, 2009

by on Oct.11, 2009 @ 5:23 pm, under NPB

Hanshin Tigers

...T0moaki Kanemoto was in the stands to watch his former teammate's (Koichi Ogata) retirement game on 10/10.

...Akihiro Yano hurt his right leg in a game against the Yakult Swallows on 10/3 and was later diagnosed with a fracture in the inner area of his right ankle.  He was taking it easy up until a few days ago but started up a training program on the 10th to get his body ready for the 2010 season.

...The Tigers could release / trade Wei-Chu Lin (OF) and Shinobu Fukuhara (P) at some point during the off-season.  The team appears to be tired of waiting for either player to develop into Ichi-gun players.  The Tigers are looking at the Chunichi Dragons as a possible trade partner -- they are looking to move Daisuke Yamai in exchange for a left-handed bat.

...The Tigers held a mini-tryout on Saturday -- they took a look at 4 pitchers and an infielder.  The team may hold more of these mini-tryouts depending on how this first one turns out.

...Atsushi Kataoka and Yutaka Wada will be the team's Ichi-gun batting coaches.  Prior Ichi-gun batting coach Yutaka Nakamura has been moved to Ni-gun fielding and base-running coach.  Current Ni-gun fielding and base-running coach Mitsuo Tateishi will become the team's new developmental coach.  Shoji Toyama will take over the role of Ni-gun pitching coach.

Hiroshima Carp

...Koichi Ogata hit a triple in his last at bat of his career.

Nippon Ham Fighters

...The Fighters are hoping Yu Darvish might be able to start the 4th game of the Second Round of the Climax Series.  That would place his start on 10/24.

Softbank Hawks

...Nobuhiko Matsunaka will indeed miss the Climax Series in order to have surgery on both his knees.

Yakult Swallows

...Norichika Aoki is currently batting .303 (161-for-531).  Even if he happens to go 0-for-6 over the last two games of the season, he can still finish the season off with a .300 average.  If he manages to get at least one hit, he can go 1-for-9 and still finish the season with a .300 average.

...Takashi Maruyama asked to be released so he can attend the 12-team tryouts in November.  The team informed Maruyama on 10/1 that his next contract with the team would be as an Ikusei.

Yomiuri Giants

...Seth Greisinger will not be making any appearances during the Phoenix League.

...Alex Ramirez will likely win his first batting title since coming to Japan 9 years ago.


...Shinya Okamoto was given his walking papers by the Seibu Lions but is still interested in pursuing a career in baseball.  To that end, he will be attending the 12-team tryouts in November.

...Hidetaka Kawagoe (released by the Orix Buffaloes) still wants to continuing pitching and will look at both the MLB and the NPB as possible destinations for his services.

...Makoto Imaoka (released by the Hanshin Tigers) will attend the 12-team tryouts in November if no teams show any interest in his services.  The Tigers have no intention of helping Imaoka find a new destination.

...Hidemitsu Saito (released by the Yokohama Bay Stars) will be attending the 12-team tryouts in November.