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Rakuten Eagles ask Katsuya Nomura to return in an honorary position

by on Oct.12, 2009 @ 12:59 am, under NPB

The Eagles met with Katsuya Nomura after the game on Sunday night and informed him that the team would not be renewing his contract for the 2010 season but would still like for him to return next season in an honorary position.

Nomura said that he wanted some time to think about the offer.

Said club owner Shimada, "I strongly urged that he stay with the team in an honorary position.  I even offered to retire his number 19.  The honorary position would be symbolic. From the start of the season, we already had a new plan in place. To take such a weak team and bring them up to such a high level, much has to do with how accomplished the manager is."

In related news, a bunch of fans stuck around the stadium for 2 hours after the last pitch and had a chance to shake hands with Nomura as he made his way from the stadium.