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Around the NPB Horn: Bay Stars taking a look at Makoto Imaoka?

by on Oct.13, 2009 @ 12:30 pm, under NPB

Chunichi Dragons

...Hiromitsu Ochiai's comment on being ejected from the game on the 11th against the Yakult Swallows:

"Replaying the questionable home run on the big screen was the big problem. ... That replay made the people in the stands and the players in the dugout ask, 'wasn't that foul?'  How could I not pop out of the dugout after that?  When I argue a call, I'm ready for the results."

Nippon Ham Fighters

...Team practices start up today at Sapporo Dome but Yu Darvish won't be joining up with the team until the 14th when the team shifts practice locations to Miyazaki for the Phoenix League.  The days leading up to the Second Round of the Climax Series will be very important for Darvish as it will determine whether or not he'll be ready to pitch.

...Yoshinari Tokuda will be the Fighters' Ni-gun Battery Coach next season.

Seibu Lions

...Hisanobu Watanabe will be working with the pitching staff during the upcoming Fall camp that's set to beging on 11/1.  Takayuki Kishi and Hideaki Wakui are also expected to attend.

Said Watanabe, "I think I'm going to let the other coaches work with the position players.  This is going to be a tough camp because we lost."

...Dave Ohkubo will remain at his post in the scouting department.  The team was considering bringing him back as the taem's batting coach, but decided that they would leave him in the scouting department after he helped orchestrate a trade to bring Taiyo Fujita to the team.

Yokohama Bay Stars

...The Bay Stars are currently taking a look at Makoto Imaoka.

"He put up some big numbers with Hanshin.  I think he still has some games left in him and he could become a player to watch next season.  I think the fans would love him and he'd certainly get the place hopping when the Tigers come into town," said a rep from the Bay Stars.

2 comments on “Around the NPB Horn: Bay Stars taking a look at Makoto Imaoka?

  1. Blacklabel

    Why are the Bay Stars consistently interested in players let go by the Giants and Tigers? They hardly ever work out but still doesnt stop them from trying.
    They got Noguchi last year from Tigers and he lasted less than a month, I forsee pretty much the same thing if they get Imaoka.

    Its strange that people who go from Bay Stars to other teams (Woods, Kroon, Tamura, Tsuruoka, Aikawa)still do so much better than their replacements while the players who come from other teams…not so much…(MAYBE Terahara is ok and Nishi last year but thats about it)

  2. Matt

    This is really sad to hear a BayStars team rep say that Imaoka would “get the place hopping when the Tigers come to town”. It just goes to show you that despite Yokohama Stadium being located in one of the best areas in Japan for a stadium, they have to rely on Tigers fans and fans of other teams to bring in most of their income. There is simply no reason why the BayStars shouldn’t be able to draw at least 12,000 fans a night to games.

    The team needs to clean house (literally) and start all over again. And they can start by hiring a manager that will change the dymanic of the team. It’s still not to late to make baseball by the bay fun again and give this ol` BayStars fan a reason to make the trek out to “Hamasta” and don the happi and cheersticks once again.

    Bobby BayStars 2010!

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