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The Eagles have their eye on Atsuya Furuta for the future?!

by on Oct.15, 2009 @ 1:00 am, under NPB

ZakZak has an extended interview with Katsuya Nomura where he mentions that the Eagles probably have their sights set on Atsuya Furuta for the future.

We here that Brown will likely become the next manager.

So does that mean I'm worse than Brown!?  What has that guy accomplished?  [The front office] obviously doesn't think very highly of me.

Brown managed the Carp to B class for 4 years.

I guess they really don't care about ability for the next manager.  In the end, doesn't this team want Furuta?  But I hear Furuta didn't want to take on the team after me.  Brown's just a gap-filler.

Nomura also went on to say that he thinks the team will end up at the bottom of the standings next season:

This team is missing a lot of things.  You should get too high on this roster and think that they'll be able make second again.  Make no mistake, this team will be in last place next season.  We were really lucky with a number of things this year.  Part of that has to do with last year's Nippon Series champ Seibu Lions falling apart.  That really helped us out a lot.  And the Chiba Lotte Marines were a mess as well.  Softbank had trouble with injuries.  And it's not like Orix is really THAT weak.  We just happened to make second place because everything lined up right.  We were lucky this year.  This team is still growing.  The team is still in the process of developing.

If what Nomura said is true, then I'm pretty excited about the Eagles' future.  I'm a HUGE Furuta fan and I think he deserves another real shot at managing.  And even though he's Nomura's disciple, he's nothing like him.

As for his comments on the team...  Unfortunately, he's probably right.  A lot of things did go well for the Eagles this season.  And you can expect Lions, Hawks, and Buffaloes to have much better seasons next year.  And that means the Eagles might be back at the bottom of the standings next year.

6 comments on “The Eagles have their eye on Atsuya Furuta for the future?!

    1. Gen Post author

      I’m not sure that he’d say anything different. It’s possible it might have been a little less extreme, but in the end, this is something he’s been saying since day 1 of the 2009 season (that the Eagles team really isn’t that good).

      And like I said, there is some actual truth to what he’s saying.

  1. blacklabel

    Yeah I agree with Noumura too. You have to remember that the Eagles were in 4th/5th place a good majority of the season. They really took advantage of a poor season by the Lions, dysfunction in Chiba and some shaky play by the Hawks in the last month to move up. I dont really think they are a second place team, and benching Linden wont help (they started climbing out of 5th around the time he showed up, I dont know how much I can give him credit for that, but has to be at least some)

    That being said, the Eagles are going to be reallllly tough to beat in a short series due to having 2 aces. Iwakuma wins, Tanaka wins, next round they go, that sounds pretty likely to happen. It wouldnt surprise me to see them in the Japan Series this year based mostly on strong starting pitching from guys who can pitch the whole game.

    But better take advantage now because next year…..they got a lot of work to do to put together the players to be a legitimate 2nd place team again.

  2. muratafan

    Unfortunately, as an Eagles fan, Nomura may be onto something here. The Eagles have the #1 ‘foundation’ in all of NPB in Ma-Kun and Iwakuma. If Nagai can continue to stay the same, he’s probably the best third pitcher out there.

    Seibu – Wakui & Kishi, after that, pretty dicey;
    Softbank – Sugiuchi and whoever after that;
    Nippon Ham – Darvish and Yagi (who has a history of being up and down);
    Chiba – Naruse and Watanabe, after that Karakawa (who’s been very inconsistent);
    Orix – plain ol’ dreadful.

    So, if Ma-kun and Iwakuma stay healthy and Nagai remains level with this year….then that is the best starting rotation in the league where probably 65% of the game is determined by starting pitching.

    Personally, I think Softbank is going to get worse since Matsunaga and Kokubo are really starting to show signs of aging. Seibu should rebound next year if Takeya Nakamura stays healthy the whole season and Nippon Ham should remain pretty solid across the board (nobody really had a career year yet they still managed to win the PL).

    I cannot fathom how Chiba is going to get better. With Bobby leaving, so will Agbayani and virtually all other suketto’s. Their rotation is OK, bullpen is OK, offense may take a hit if Saburo (who had a career year – 22 home runs?!?!?) leaves for greener pastures.

    Orix is a mess.

    I actually think next year the Eagles could place 3rd again after Nippon Ham and Seibu.

    But relying on a 41-year old cleanup hitter is really taking a big chance. Teppei did well – but came out of nowhere. Can he replicate his success is a huge question for next season. Seguignol SHOULD be re-signed, but with suketto’s you never know. Linden could be back – especially if Marty Brown is the manager next year.

  3. Gen Post author

    I think most people wouldn’t disagree with with Nomura at this point. I think the problem though is the timing with which he’s saying it.

    How many mangers would actually stand up and put their teams down like this in the middle of a post-season run? I can understand him making the same comments once the post-season ends, but now?

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