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Day Two of the Kikuchi Meetings End

by on Oct.17, 2009 @ 9:30 pm, under High School, NPB

Some Yusei Kikuchi updates:

...Daisuke Matsuzaka's comments on Kikuchi:

When I graduate from high school I also wanted to go to the Majors, but I didn't really have anything that could help me decide.  And I thought it might be better for me to put up results in Japan beforehand.  If he has confidence in himself, I think either league is fine.  As long as he thinks things through within the time that he has to make his decision.  I'll be watching on as I'm also interested in what he decides.

...The Chunichi Dragons appear set on picking Kikuchi with their first round pick even if he says he wants to go to the Majors.  The Hiroshima Carp said that they would not pick Kikuchi if he decides on the Majors.

...The Yomiuri Giants informed Kikuchi that they intend on taking Hisayoshi Chono with their first pick.

...A number of comments from Kikuchi on the possibility of playing in Japan:

I'd play my best for any of the [eleven] clubs of the NPB.

The meeting reaffirmed my understanding of how extensive the developmental system is in Japanese baseball.

I'm still 50-50 on where I want to play.

I wonder which will allow me to grow the most.

=== Updates 10/17/2009 @ 10:15pm JST

The Rakuten Eagles approached Kikuchi by talking about their presence in the Tohoku Region (the region where Kikuchi is from).  The Eagles also spoke about their current run to the Climax Series in 5 years.

And an additional quote:

All of the ball clubs seem to be well equipped.  I wouldn't have to worry about food and I thought Japan was really great.

=== Updates 10/17/2009 @ 10:30pm JST

...Comments from the Hanshin Tigers:

Tigers' Owner, Shinya Sakai
Kikuchi has been to the Koshien a number of times, so he should be able to imagine playing here.  So I don't think there were any additional words needed.  I think his decision will come down to development.

Tigers' GM, Shoji Numazawa
Based on the general feel of things, the scout felt as though he might stay in Japan.  I also heard he thinks highly of the Tigers' organization. ... Even if he decides to go, he should go through all the proper steps.  And there's also the FA option as well.

...Comment from the Tigers' scouts that met with Kikuchi:

He was really interested in the information we had about Matsuzaka.  Even that Matsuzaka started in Japan and we told him that that would probably be the best decision for him as well.  We think he has a good image of us, or at least we think he knows how much we'd love for him to join our organization.

=== Updates from 10/17/2009 @ 11:50pm JST

The Orix Buffaloes sent three people to meet with Kikuchi and they apparently mentioned that Ichiro and So Taguchi all practiced in Kobe.

Buffaloes Chief Scout, Hiroyuki Nagamura
We spoke out dorm life as well as the environment that surrounds the Buffaloes.  We also told him that we helped Ichiro develop.  And during the off-season, both Ichiro and Taguchi come to Kobe to practice.