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5,200 people waiting in line for the stadium to open on Saturday!?

by on Oct.18, 2009 @ 1:02 am, under NPB

Eagles' Fever is sweeping the Tohoku Region.

There were apparently 3,000 people waiting in line for the stadium to open on Friday night.  And about 200 fans ended up watching the game on the big screen TVs set-up outside the stadium.  The announced attendance was a season high, 21,303.

And while 3,000 may sound like a lot, it was nothing compared to how many people were apparently waiting in line outside the stadium when the gates opened at 11am.


...and that number set a club record.

And stadium attendance was announced at 21,388, establishing a new season.

Incidentally, it's nice to finally see some people wearing Eagles' caps and uniforms while walking around in Sendai.

I think I may have actually been the only person in Sendai wearing an Eagles' cap last week while walking around in the middle of the city.  Seriously.  I remember walking around the shopping malls in the middle of Sendai City the day after the team clinched a top 3 spot and not seeing a single person wearing an Eagles' cap.

It was also kind of nice to see Sendai Station lit up with Eagles' spirit.  All the food gift shop employees were wearing Eagles' bandanas on their heads or happi's.  Pretty neat stuff.

I guess it took a First Round Climax Series Victory to finally loosen people up in Sendai.

2 comments on “5,200 people waiting in line for the stadium to open on Saturday!?

  1. Andrew

    All of the shops near the Rakuten store in Sendai Station have been wearing happis and such all year long, as well as various convenience store clerks and even Japan Post employees. They should introduce the car flags that are so popular in Canada during the NHL playoffs. The one thing that is disheartening about Sendai fans though is the amount of ‘fair weather’ fans, that only believe the team can win when Kuma or Ma-kun are pitching, and expect the team to lose when they aren’t. The bandwagoners I can deal with since that phenomenon is so prevalent everywhere in sports, but those other kinds of fans…

    1. Gen Post author

      Strange, I was at the station yesterday and NO ONE was wearing any Rakuten happis and bandanas. Unless of course you mean they wear them only when the team wins.

      In which case the site I saw the other day isn’t all that special.

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