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Some minor Kikuchi updates from 10/18/2009

by on Oct.18, 2009 @ 11:02 pm, under High School

No "real" updates, just some minor notes:

- The meetings on Saturday started at 10am with the Rakuten Eagles and ended at 5:10pm with the Yokohama Bay Stars.

- The Tigers, Eagles, Dragons, Fighters, and Swallows all said they were interested in making Kikuchi their first pick.

- Kikuchi primarily focused his questions on things like development programs, food, and training methods.

- The Dragons on picking Kikuchi even if he chooses the Marjors:

"If there's even a 1% chance, we'll take a chance in picking him.  And we'll meet with Kikuchi every day until our exclusive negotiation window ends in March."

- Some Kikuchi quotes:

"I'm not tired at all.  I was able to talk about the thing I love most, baseball.  I'm was very excited.  And they all thought very highly of me."

"The facilities and the training environment are really wonderful.  Japan beat the US at the WBC and I find it hard to believe that they have fallen behind."

"I'll listen to what the MLB clubs have to say and then make my decision."

- Other bits of advice sent to Kikuchi from Daisuke Matsuzaka:

"Don't believe the 'sweet' promises the adults make.  Things like starting at Ichi-gun, or having a spot in the rotation, you don't need those kinds of promises.  If you have the ability, those things will come to you anyway."