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Shikoku – Kyushu Island League to open up try-outs to women

by on Oct.19, 2009 @ 7:37 pm, under Independent

The Shikoku - Kyushu Island League announced that it would open up try-outs to women and is in the process of making the necessary changes to their application requirements.

The current wording on the requirements are noted as "males 15 years or older" but will be changed to "anyone 15 years or older with baseball experience."

With women's baseball slowly gaining popularity, this move is seen by the league organizers as not only a way to keep pace with the other independent leagues (none of which limit applicants based on gender), but also to open up the possibility for women to join the league in the future.

That said, none of the clubs actually seem interested in finding female talent and see this move as more of a publicity stunt.