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36th Annual Industrial League Championships

by on Oct.23, 2009 @ 10:43 am, under Industrial

36th Annual Industrial League Championships

Venue: Kyocera Dome
Dates: November 12 - November 22, 2009

Ticket Pricing

Seat Cost
Special Ticket 1,500yen
Regular Ticket 1,000yen
Team Ticket 600yen
JABA Supporter Pricing
Special Ticket 1,000yen
Regular Ticket 600yen

They following 32 teams will compete at the tournament:

Regions Teams Appearances
Industrial League Champion Honda Extra slot for Kanto Region
All Japan Club Champion Total Hanshin 1st
Tokyo Sponichi Champion ENEOS 16th (5th consecutive)
Shikoku Champion Panasonic 31st (16th consecutive)
Shizuoka Champion JR Higashi Nihon 4th (3rd consecutive)
Okayama Champion ENEOS Extra slot for Kanto Region
Nagano Champion Panasonic Extra slot for Kinki Region
Kyoto Champion Panasonic Extra slot for Kinki Region
Kyushu Champion Honda 15th (5th consecutive)
Tohoku Champion Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Yokohama 3rd
Hokkaido Champion Saginomiya 7th
Hokkaido JR Hokkaido 4th (3rd consecutive)
Tohoku TDK 8th
Hokushinetsu NTT Shinetsu Baseball Club 13th (2nd consecutive)
Kanto NTT Higashi Nihon 8th (2nd consecutive)
Toshiba 22nd
Nissan 16th (3rd consecutive)
Nippon Express 13th (3rd consecutive)
Fuji Heavy Industries 12th (4th consecutive)
Hitachi 8th (2nd consecutive)
Tokai Toyota 10th (7th consecutive)
Toho Gas 4th (4th consecutive)
Yamaha 19th (2nd consecutive)
Kinki Nippon Shinyaku 13th (3rd consecutive)
OBC Takashima 1st
NTT Nishi Nihon 13th (2nd consecutive)
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Kobe 18th (2nd consecutive)
Osaka Gas 15th
Nihon Seimei 28th (10th consecutive)
Yamato Takada Club 2nd
Nippon Steel Hirohata 9th (2nd consecutive)
Chugoku Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Hiroshima 11th
JFE Nishi Nihon 5th (2nd consecutive)
Shikoku Shikoku Bank 19th
Kyushu Kyushu Mitsubishi Motors 3rd
JR Kyushu 7th (3rd consecutive)