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Late Night Update on Kenji Johjima from 10/22/2009

by on Oct.23, 2009 @ 1:49 am, under NPB

According to Sponichi, the Hanshin Tigers and Kenji Johjima will hold off any contract talks until after the Climax Series.  Club president Minami said that he understood signing Johjima as soon as possible would be best for the club but that he also didn't want to create a stir during the Climax Series.

A separate Sponichi article quotes Tigers' club rep Tsunoda as saying, "We haven't decided in which direction we'll be heading."

The same article also includes a quote Sadaharu Oh and the current situation with the Hawks.

"Someone who has say with the club is looking into it," said Oh.  "I don't think now is a time for me to get involved."