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An update on the Kazuki Yoshimi situation

by on Oct.24, 2009 @ 1:43 am, under NPB

The NPB issued a request sometime on Thursday or Friday to see Kazuki Yoshimi's medical records and the Dragons complied on Friday by submitting Yoshimi's records from the period of time that he received the garlic injections.

This Sponichi article also carries the following explanation:

According to the NPB medical committee, "energy shots" are only allowed if their use can be medically justified.  That requires the following:

  1. a medical record that was maintained by a doctor for the treatment in question; and
  2. the treatment involved medical supplies accepted under the [Japanese] Pharmaceutical Affairs Law.

If a player is found to be breaking the anti-doping rules, as set forth by the medical committee, the player in question will be suspended (the length is dependent upon the severity and comes in four levels).  If it is found that a team helped a player break the anti-doping rules, the team in question can be fined up to 10M yen.  Players and teams do have the right to file a petition if they feel that the ruling is incorrect.