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2009 Amateur Draft

by on Oct.26, 2009 @ 9:50 am, under NPB

2009 Amateur Draft © NPB

2009 Amateur Draft © NPB

Just an FYI: I plan on trying to cover this year's Amateur Draft from start to finish since it'll be televised.

I'll be using a combination of this blog and my Twitter account so be sure to check both.

The draft begins at 4pm on Thursday (10/29) Japan time.  For those wondering, that's 3:00am EST on Thursday in New York and midnight PST on Thursday in California.


3 comments on “2009 Amateur Draft

  1. Ken D.

    Great! Looking forward to it.

    Was going to ask you why no kids from Nihon Bunri declared eligibility (according to the list)? Am I missing something?

  2. Deanna

    Yeah, I’ll be translating it just like I have the last 4 years as well. Maybe we should work together :)

    Ken, sometimes these kids have plans for other things like college or industrial leagues. Maybe Itoh and Wakabayashi couldn’t bear the idea of being separated and are trying to go somewhere together!

    (I mean, this is kinda like two years ago when I wondered why the heck Yusuke Nomura wasn’t in the draft, and then he surfaced at Meiji. Heck, none of the Saga Kita kids even had remote aspirations of going pro… some of them just don’t, is all.)

    1. Gen Post author

      Maybe we should work together
      Sounds like a plan. I’ll try to drop you a line a bit later today.

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