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The back-story to Kenji Johjima?

by on Oct.26, 2009 @ 2:26 pm, under NPB

I wonder what it feels like to have both Sadaharu Oh and Seiichi Hoshino working for their respective teams to acquire you?

Kenji Johjima knows.

Back when the Tigers first met up with Johjima on 10/23, Hoshino apparently got in touch with Oh to inform him of his team's interest.  This was a move made out of respect for the ties Oh has with Johjima.

With the Hawks now back in the fold (Oh met with Johjima on the 24th), the Tigers are hoping that the fact they reached out to Oh first counts for something and that Johjima will ultimately decide to join the Tigers.

The Tigers and Johjima are set to meet again on the 27th.

"The time and place are still not set, but we're thinking the 27th.  A battle with the Hawks?  In the end, it'll be his decision to make and we'll wait with confidence that he'll join us," said a team rep.

It is also said that the Tigers' first offer to Johjima was for 4 years at 2.5B yen (or about $27M) plus bonuses.

And according to Sports Hochi article linked to above, it would seem Johjima is indeed leaning toward the Tigers.

=== UPDATE 10/26/2009 8:05pm JST

It seems that Hoshino may also attend the second meeting.