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Kenji Johjima Updates from 10/27/2009

by on Oct.27, 2009 @ 8:37 am, under NPB

The Tigers are hoping to have a better idea of the direction Kenji Johjima is heading in when they meet with him later today.

Said a Tigers rep, "We'll have our second meeting with Johjima tomorrow (27th).  We'd like to try and bring the talks around to his decision.  We'd like to know a little more of what to expect before the draft on Thursday, so we'll try to get some more information from them."

The Tigers also have no plans of increasing their offer and will instead work on making sure Johjima knows just how much they want him.

Seiichi Hoshino is also ready if the Tigers want him to be present at the meeting.

In other news, Sadaharu Oh said that for the time being, his job of trying to get Johjima to sign with the Hawks is now over.

"My job [in this situation] is over.  I told him that the team is interested but what happens nets, we someone in the front office that handles that.  Contact from Johjima?  No, haven't heard a thing."

One might think that Oh is feeling frustrated at the teams' lukewarm response to Johjima returning to Japan.