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Around the NPB Horn: Tigers to convert Keisuke Kano to OF?

by on Oct.29, 2009 @ 11:55 am, under NPB

Chiba Lotte Marines

...There's a chance that Brian Sikorski may not return to the Marines next season.  And it appears that a cut in his salary may be the cause.

The team is currently thinking about cutting Sikorski's contract by up to 33%.  The teams cites performance down the stretch as being the cause for the decrease.

Hanshin Tigers

...Not that it matters much, but it appears as though Akinobu Mayumi may be giving up his nickname "Joe" so that Kenji Johjima can continue to use it.

...Now that the Tigers have Johjima, it appears as though talks of signing Masahide Kobayashi and trading for G.G. Sato have cooled a bit.

The Tigers are currently focusing on today's draft and will likely also look into trying to secure a foreign pitcher for the upcoming season.

...As a means to show how serious he is about the upcoming season, and to atone for his not-so-good-season, Yuya Ando has shave his head.

...It looks like the Tigers are thinking about converting Keisuke Kano into an outfielder now that Johjima is on the team.

Yakult Swallows

...Noriyuki Shiroishi wasn't expecting to be named an Ichi-gun coach.

"I wasn't even thinking about Ichi-gun. I'm still young so I think I'll be able to relate to the players, and I'll make sure I hold my ground as I help them out," said Shiroishi.

Shiroishi is also expected to be the first base coach.

...The Swallows won't be giving their young pitchers any days off during their 16-day Fall camp that begins on November 5th.  And that means Yoshinori Sato will likely be pushed to the limits as he works on trying to "fix" his blister problem.

Yokohama Bay Stars

...Kimiyasu Kudo's teammates on the Bay Stars bid him farewell today.

...Yuki Yoshimura's name has been romantically linked to model / actress Erena.

The two were introduced to each other by a common friend back in December 2008 and started dating each other a month later.


...The Japan Pro Baseball Players Association announced that Hayato Sakamoto (YOM), Masanori Ishikawa (YAK), Shohei Tateyama (YAK), and Hichori Morimoto (HAM) will attend Baseball Christmas 2009 in Biwako Kusatsu.

...The WBC trophy and some WBC player uniforms will be on display at the hotel where the draft is being help.  There will also be a TV monitor setup where guests can pretend they're being drafted.