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Yu Darvish at about 20%

by on Oct.29, 2009 @ 8:42 am, under NPB

Yu Darvish held a bullpen session yesterday (10/28) and threw alongside Kazuhito Tadano and Brian Sweeney.

Said pitching coach Yoshii, "He's probably at about 20% right now. ... If you asked me who had better sessions, I'd have to say [Tadano and Sweeney] did. ... Based on my eyes, I'd say [Darvish] topped out at about 130km/h."

Part of Darvish's practice session currently involves playing catch at a distance of about 50 meters.

Nakagaki (Chief trainer): "He's able to do more now that he's feeling less tired."

Yoshii (pitching coach): "Realistically, it's a tough situation."

Nashida (manager): "If everything goes well, maybe he'll be able to pitch towards the end of the series.  There's also a chance at some relief work.  We'll see how he does from here."