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Fukuoka bows out of 2010 season due to insufficient funds

by on Oct.30, 2009 @ 8:29 pm, under Independent

The Fukuoka Red Warblers, out of the Shikoku - Kyushu Island League, announced that they will not be competing in the league next season due to insufficient funding.  The team will concentrate its efforts on making it back into the league in 2011.

Fukuoka only managed to draw about 782 people per game this past season and ended the year 220M yen in the red.

The IL will compete with only 5 teams next season.

One comment on “Fukuoka bows out of 2010 season due to insufficient funds

  1. Deanna

    It’s more likely to be 4, isn’t it? I heard there’s a pretty good chance the Nagasaki Saints won’t be able to continue either (they also had trouble making ends meet this year).

    A joke among a few people in Sasebo, where they play the majority of their games, is “Kenji Johjima should buy the team and make them the Sasebo Saints!”

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