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Around the NPB Horn: Swallows – 10,000 swings in 2 weeks

by on Nov.05, 2009 @ 10:11 am, under NPB

Hanshin Tigers

...The Tigers will officially introduce Kenji Johjima on Friday the 13th.  The 13th also falls on taian (大安), or the day of good luck.

Johjima's uniform number will likely be 2.

...Norihiro Akahoshi is working his way back from a herniated disk in his back.  For the first time in about 2 months, he suited up and practiced outside on the field at the Naruohama training grounds; he tossed the ball back and forth about 48 times at a distance of about 20 meters.

...Takashi Toritani (SS) and Keiichi Hirano (2B) swapped positions during infield practice on Wednesday in order to get a better feel for what the other has to go through.

...Hirano, Yamato, Kohei Shibata, and Hiroki Uemoto stood in against Shunsuke Ishikawa and Ikketsu Sho in the bullpen.  The pitchers got to throw pitchers and the batters got to work on their bunting skills.

...Odd man out?  If the Tigers go after foreign players to help out in the bullpen, Kazuya Tsutsui could be the odd man out.  But he isn't about to let that get to him.

Sait Tsutsui, "Good foreign players and good rookies come through every season.  What I need to worry about most is myself right now."

Tstutsui tossed a 54-pitch bullpen session yesterday.

Rakuten Eagles

...Masahiro Tanaka, Shinichiro Koyama, and Satoshi Nagai will be heading to Arizon to work on their conditioning.  The three of them will fly out to the States on the 8th and stay for about a week.

Softbank Hawks

...Sadaharu Oh was up on his feet during the entire 7 and a half hours the team practiced yesterday.  The only time he took a rest was at noon.

Yakult Swallows

...Fall Camp begins on the 5th for the Swallows and Shigeru Takada is requiring that all 15 position players take at least 10,000 swings during the 2 weeks of camp.

"Polishing up on skills are important, but it's also important to build-up a body that's capable fo swinging the bat.  This time around I intend to have everyone swing more than enough times," said Takada.


...Masao Kida has decided not to attend the 12-team tryouts on the 11th.

Said Kida, "I won't be taking the tryouts this time.  I'll throw if someone wants me to, but I'll continue to practice and train as I wait for a team to show interest."