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George W. Bush on how to run a sports franchise

by on Nov.06, 2009 @ 4:55 pm, under Other

So George W. Bush was in Japan this past week.  A day after throwing out the first pitch before Game 3 of the Nippon Series, Bush dropped by Waseda University to give a speech to students at Waseda University School of Sport Sciences.

His advice, to future sports management students, on running a successful sports franchise included the following keys (via the Associated Press):

- Make sure the stadium has a pleasant environment
- Hire "good baseball people" for the front office
- Treat the media "as an ally"
- Don't take things personally
- Take responsibility
- Win

Ok, so not really rocket science here.

And maybe I shouldn't dignify Bush's visit with a post like this, but Japanese baseball news is still Japanese baseball news.

Incidentally, the AP article also mentions that there were protesters outside Tokyo Dome during Game 3 carrying signs that said, "Arrest Bush," and "The King of War."


One comment on “George W. Bush on how to run a sports franchise

  1. EJH

    “maybe I shouldn’t dignify Bush’s visit with a post like this”

    Absolutely. It’s bad enough that the Giants and Waseda invited this war criminal. Why do you feel the need to give Bush any more publicity?

    I am glad, though, to know that there were some protesters. This is the first I’ve heard about them.

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