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Around the NPB Horn: Seibu swaps some uniform numbers

by on Nov.08, 2009 @ 1:47 am, under NPB

Hanshin Tigers

...The Tigers started contract negotiation talks with 9 players on Saturday and managed to re-sign all 9Yuya Nohara, Kai-Wen Cheng, and Ikketsu Sho were three of them.

Nippon Ham Series

...Shugo Fujii and Hichori Morimoto earned their FA options this past season.

Fujii: I have an idea of what I'd like to do, but I won't make any decisions until I've spoken to the club.

Morimoto: I really haven't thought about it yet.

The Fighters will likely meet the two players on the 9th.

Seibu Lions

...The Lions announced the following uniform number changes on Saturday:

Satoshi Yamazaki 17 > 29

Hidekazu Hoshi 52 > 33

Atsushi Okamoto 30 > 59

Yuya Tazawa 50 > 61

The following uniform assignments for coaches have not been announced, but should be set:

Takehiro Hashimoto (pitching coach) 77

Hisataka Yukizawa (Ni-gun manager) 81

Hiromoto "Dave" Ohkubo (Ni-gun batting coach) 96

Yasutomo Suzuki (Ni gun fielding / base running coach) 72

Yomiuri Giants

...After the Giants won the Championships, Takuya Kimura announced that he is retiring and will return to the team next season as a coach.

Said Kimura, "I'm both glad that the we've become champions and that the season is finally over."


...Kimiyasu Kudo and former Rakuten Eagles manager Katsuya Nomura have been invited to take part in a Golden Golds game on 11/28.