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Nippon Series News and Notes: Quotes and comments from various players

by on Nov.08, 2009 @ 1:45 am, under NPB, Postseason

Nippon Ham Fighters

...Mastaka Nashida on the loss:

I really wanted a 7th game.  We did well in a number of areas, like base running...  I need to come to terms that we could only win 2 games.  It was a good series though.  I will work hard towards the dream of becoming Nippon Series champs again [next year].

...Some comments from Yu Darvish:

I wanted to win the last game, but we tried our best and this was the result.  I'll save winning the Nippon Series for next year. ... More than wanting to pitch, I just thought that this was a game we really needed to win ... I did a number of things in order to pitch.  But since I did force myself quite a bit, I need to focus on resting now.

Yomiuri Giants

...Yoshiyuki Kamei has come a long way.  2 years ago he wasn't invited to Fall camp and was prepared to receive his walking papers.

Said Kamei, "A lot of things have popped into my head.  I'm glad I didn't quit and kept on playing. ... I'm grateful to the manager for continuing to use me."

...Tetsuya Utsumi made his first NPB relief appearance in 3 years.

...Marc Kroon racked up 3 saves over the 6 games series.

...In 1981, with the series tied at 2, the Giants won 2 consecutive games against the Fighters to take the Nippon Series, just as they did this year.

...The Giants went through 2,000 bottles of beer and 250 bottles of champagne during their victory celebration.

...Shinnosuke Abe on his RBI double:

My timing on the slider was a little off, but I still got good wood on the ball.  The ball traveled well.  I really wanted to score that first run of the game.

...Tetsuya Utsumi on his pitching (during the game):

This was my best game of the year.  I didn't have a very good start for Game 2 so I wanted a chance to make up for that.  I figured my only chance would be in Game 6, so I kept myself prepared from the start.  But I never thought I'd enter the game in the first.  The game isn't over yet but I'm just speechless.  I'll start crying if I talk any more.

...Shigeo Nagashima's comments:

Persistence helped the team win the championships.  Abe helped pull the team through some tough games.  And Hara's managing abilities shined as he believed in his team's abilities.  I think this team has become true champions that can stand proudly into the future.

...Sadaharu Oh's comments:

All 6 games of the series were great.  The Giants had great rhythm / momentum this past season that it just ended up spilling over into the postseason.  Hara has done a great job this year, from winning the WBC to taking the Nippon Series.  The season ended on a sour note last year against Seibu, but they used that as fodder and pulled together as a team.  Congratulations.