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Ryota Igarashi announces his intention to try for the Majors

by on Nov.09, 2009 @ 12:43 pm, under NPB

Ryota Igarashi will likely make an official announcement of his decision to try out for the Majors Leagues sometime today.  As mentioned before, Igarashi has selected Arn Tellem to represent him in the US.

Today is the first day players with FA options can officially declare their intentions.

=== UPDATE 8:21am JST

Igarashi has announced that he will be exercising his international FA option to try for the Majors.

"I just really want to try out for the Majors," said Igarashi.  "I've dreamed about playing over there.  This isn't just an excuse, I just really want to go."

...and Sponichi is carrying the Q&A:

Your reason for deciding...

MLB scouts have been coming out to watch me since high school.  Just as an elementary school kid says he wants to go to the pro's, I feel like I want to climb up to the next level.

You went to see some games in October...

I got a chance to watch from a really nice area.  I imagined myself taking the mound.

Your impressions on the Majors...

There are lot's of players over there that have power and speed.  Players from all over the world have gathered there.

The kind of pitching you'd like to do...

I don't intend on changing my Japanese style.  I want to stay strong to my values and pitch with confidence.

There are players returning to Japan now...

It's not that I don't have concerns.  I've overcome injuries and surgeries.  I want to keep those memories fresh in my mind and work towards playing in the Majors.