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2 comments on “Bobby Valentine is a finalist for Nationals’ manager position

  1. Mike

    In reading the local papers, it seems the Nats are concerned how well Valentine will handle being a manager of a rebuilding team. There’s also so mention of him being more expensive than Riggleman playing a factor in the decision.

    I’m not sure how much influence he’d really have in the way of wins and losses, but I think he’d be a really good hire for the organization right now in that he would be a good ambassador for baseball in the city.

    I think the organization is finally headed in the right direction (three years later than it should have happened) with all of the solid people that Mike Rizzo has brought on board, but it’s still likely going to be awhile before it really starts to pay off. If Valentine will be content in that type of situation, I think he’d be good for the Nationals.

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