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NPB requests that the Eagles expand seating for Kleenex Stadium

by on Nov.11, 2009 @ 11:43 pm, under NPB

The NPB officially lodged a request with the Rakuten Eagles to expand seating at Kleenex Stadium.

Kleenex Stadium currently seats about 22,000 and the NPB is asking that the Eagles expand the number of seats at the stadium by about 6,000 so that the stadium can seat 28,000.

When the Eagles first entered the league in 2004, they promised to expand the number of seats at Kleenex Stadium to seat 28,000 by 2006.  That promise was never fulfilled.

The NPB is concerned that if the Eagles ever make the Nippon Series, there won't be enough seats to match tickets sales other clubs can reach due to their larger stadiums.

In response to the NPB's request, the Eagles have said, through team rep Tomoharu Inoue, that "Each stadium has their owned capacities based on where they are located.  There are other ways to fill ticket sales quotas without increasing the number of seats, like increasing the cost of tickets."

4 comments on “NPB requests that the Eagles expand seating for Kleenex Stadium

  1. Andrew

    When even official Fan Club members can’t get playoff tickets, it’s pretty evident that something needs to be changed. From what I was told, season ticket holders can buy either 4 or 8 playoff tickets EACH. Considering the limited capacity of the stadium this policy is absolutely absurd.

    My family has owned a pair of Vancouver Canucks season tickets for the past 6 or 7 years, and come playoff time we can buy 2 tickets to each playoff game due to the insane demand. The stadium’s capacity is about the same, but the population of Vancouver is twice the size of Sendai. We’re also talking about a team with over a $60 million payroll.

    Increase ticket prices? That might give Rakuten a bit of a boost on weekends when more people are able to come, but midweek games aren’t exactly a hot ticket as it currently stands. Jacking up the prices would probably decrease the number of walk-up ticket sales and reduce the amount of people who show up after the game has already started, like in the 3rd or 4th inning.

    If they want to make more money, why do they allow people to bring their own alcohol and soft drinks into the stadium? Of course I would be against changing this policy, but why do you think American pro sports teams charge $7-10 for a beer? The bulk of a team’s revenue isn’t derived from ticket sales, rather concessions and team merchandise.

    After all the hassle I had to go through to get playoff tickets this year, I’ll be plenty happy to watch the games at home or at a bar should they reach the Climax Series once again.

    In general the ticket sales system is a complete joke. Take a cue from your North American counterparts Japan, and enter the 21st, or at least the 20th century!

    /end rant

  2. Trand25

    @Andrew : It seems the problem is not that the Eagles are not making enough money during the regular season, but just that, in case of Eagles going to the Nippon Series, the NPB will not make enough money.

    The tickets for the Nippon Series are directly sold by the NPB and not by the club, like the regular season and the playoffs.

  3. Matt

    Rakuten already has some of the most expensive tickets in the league and probably one of the most confusing pricing guides as well with each 3 game set being a different price like gold, value, and other ones which I currently can’t remember whereas other teams have set prices all around for the most part (except when the Giants and or Tigers come to town of course).

    The team has already pissed off fans with their little stunt at the end of Climax #1 this year and I wouldn’t be surprised if many fans jumped ship if these ticket price increases take effect.

  4. Gen Post author

    Yeah, this isn’t so much a regular season issue as it is a Nippon Series issue.

    You can also read more about the breakdown of where the ticket sales money goes in this post.

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