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Some tweaks to be made for the 1st Round of the Climax Series?

by on Nov.12, 2009 @ 1:45 am, under NPB

The Central League held a board of trustees meeting on the 11th to discuss a change in rules for the first round of the Climax Series and the confirmation of use of video replay (like the MLB, only for checking home runs).

The Yakult Swallows made it to the Climax Series this season, despite having a record under 500.  Both the Central and Pacific Leagues feel this could be unfair to a team that makes it to the Climax Series with a record over 500.  As such, the two leagues are currently thinking about giving teams with records over 500 an advantage when a team with a record under 500 makes it to the first round of the Climax Series.  But in order to provide a team with an advantage, the number of games during the first round will likely need to be increased (currently 3 games).

The two leagues will take these ideas into consideration and will reconvene on the matter during the owner meetings on the 18th.

The Central League also confirmed the addition of video replay (on home runs only) for games beginning next year.  For Inter-league games, video replay will likely not be used.

The Pacific League will re-review the possibility of adding video replay and will discuss the option during their board of trustees meeting in December.