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Around the NPB Horn: Carp, Eagles, Hawks, and So Taguchi

by on Nov.13, 2009 @ 2:40 am, under NPB

Hiroshima Carp

...The Carp have decided not to pursue Makoto Imaoka.

Rakuten Eagles

...I think I forgot to mention that Marty Brown was given the number 81.

The meaning behind the number?  8 is apparently Brown's lucky number and the front office is expecting the Eagles to win at least 81 games.

Softbank Hawks

...Yusuke Kosai, Kenta Nakanishi, and Akira Nakamura were seen doing soft toss with tennis rackets (with only their bottom hand) during indoor practice on Thursday.

...Shingo Tatsumi tossed 227 pitches in a bullpen session on Wednesday.  80 of those pitches (8 sets of 10 pitches each) entailed Tatsumi pitching the ball back to the catcher as soon as he got the ball back -- something that's suppose to help in terms of throwing pitches without thinking too much.


...So Taguchi said to reporters on Wednesday, "I can't just think about myself, I've reached that age where I also need to think about the people around me as well."

Taguchi would still like to play in the Majors, but he may not be able to find any suitors.  Taguchi added that he was going to wait until November 20th and then talk to his agent about his options in the Majors.  With the Winter Meetings also coming up in December, it might be a while before Taguchi makes a final decision.