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Calling all Nippon Ham Fighter Fans!

by on Nov.13, 2009 @ 3:51 pm, under NPB

The executive committee that was created by Hokkaido Prefecture and Sapporo City to organize the upcoming Nippon Ham Fighters' parade has been accepting donations to help pay for the event since November 2nd.

Their goal: 30M yen.

As of the 12th, they have received only 4.35M yen.

The parade will cost an estimated 60M yen.

In 2007, the executive committee (at the time) started collecting donations in mid-October and managed to round up 29.28M yen.  They were hoping they could count on a similar number of contributions this year, despite their late start.

Fans will be able to donate money toward the parade until November 30th.  They are currently asking for donations of 3,000yen a pop.  Each 3,000yen donation will also net each donor an original neck strap.

Interested fans should called 011-222-4894 for more information about how they can donate (in Japanese I'm assuming).