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Kansai Independent League: The Korea Turtle Ships

by on Nov.13, 2009 @ 2:06 pm, under Independent

The Kansai Independent League held a press conference today to introduce the Korea Turtle Ships (コリア・タートルシップス) into their league.

Club rep Jin-Hee Kim (金珍希) said, "I wanted to give young Korean players a place to play.  I think they will be able to win over both Korean and Japan fans."

The new team will be an off-shoot from a Korea-based amateur baseball club.  While there's no word on which baseball stadium they will be using during the season, they will be calling Osaka their home.  The manger of the team will likely be someone with experience in the KBO and the team already has plans to sign three Korean players living in Japan.

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  1. torakichi

    I believe the English transliteration of the name should be “Turtle Ships”. That was the name of a kind of warship used in Korea in pre-modern times.

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