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Takao Obana’s Press Conference

by on Nov.13, 2009 @ 11:01 pm, under NPB

Takao Obana held his press conference today (Friday, 11/13) on a cruise ship called Marine Rouge.

Obana was signed to a 3-year deal worth 100M yen a year and was assigned the number 87.

What follows are his comments from the press conference (via Sanspo):

Yokohama has been in a slump...

No offense, but this was a pretty good team to play against.  But making a weak team strong is what will make things job interesting and a challenge.  As long as I'm going to do this, I'm going to aim for the top.

Your style of baseball?

Analytical Baseball.  I'll do the research.  And if I can come up with the numbers that indicate something, I'm sure the players will understand my reasoning.  That will be the basis of my coaching.

Your thoughts on the rebuilding of the pitching staff...

I have already looked at the data and I think we can drop about 100 earned runs.  Dropping another 50 runs from there will be the key to winning a Championship.

What kinds of things will you bring up with the players?

I want them to think that our job is to win.  Pitchers need fighting spirit in order to win.  I want the pitchers to face each batter head on.

You'll also be facing your old team, the Giants...

I think it'll be difficult to face them straight on.  I'll use whatever means necessary in order to win.