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Field of Dreams at Akasaka Sakasu

by on Nov.17, 2009 @ 4:46 pm, under NPB

I just realized right now that Akasaka Sakasu is hosting an event called "Field of Dreams."  WBC memorabilia, including the trophy, have been on display in the first floor of the TBS building since November 13th.

Tonight (11/17), beginning at 18:00, the WBC team will be getting together for a WBC ring presentation ceremony at Akasaka BLITZ.  The ceremony itself is closed to the public, but will be shown on a big screen TV at Akasaka Sakasu plaza.  WBC players will also walk down a red carpet sometime around 18:45 for anyone that's interested in dropping by.

And finally, tomorrow night (11/18), the 2009 NPB Pro Baseball Convention takes place at Akasaka BLITZ.  Again, players will walk down the red carpet starting from about 17:30.  The convention itself begins at 18:00 and will again be broadcast on the big screen TV at Akasaka Sakasu plaza.

For those wondering about the convention: this is where the 2009 awards will be handed out.

It's too bad the weather's bad today, otherwise I might try to go.  If the weather is any better tomorrow, I'll see if I can swing by and take some pictures.