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Kleenex Stadium to get 1,000 more seats?

by on Nov.19, 2009 @ 5:04 pm, under NPB

The Eagles said that they will begin looking into expanding the seating capacity at Kleenex Stadium.

"The fact is, capacity at the stadium is small.  We do probably need to expand the stadium by at least 1,000 seats," said team owner Toru Shimada.

He added, "We did not make good on our promise.  But adding seats will put more strain on our finances.  I don't think we'll be able to do it in time for next season, but I would like to do more research on the optimal number of seats."

To explain the promise in a little more detail, I'll turn to a Sponichi article.

Giants' owner Takuo Takihana claimed that during the Owner's Meeting in 2004, the Eagles promised to expand stadium capacity to 28,000 and that it could be done immediately because the club had 30B yen.  He feels that it is the Eagles' duty to make good on that promise.

In response to this, Eagles' owner Shimada turned to the meeting minutes and said that he only promised 23,000 season and that the club's ultimate goal was 28,000.

The Sponichi article goes on to mention that the club will likely add 300 seats for next season with an overall goal of 1,000 new seats.  The Eagles will also consider adding more seats moving forward, but only because the NPB is going through some tough economic times.