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Former high school baseball coach wins his case against Kitakami Gakuen

by on Nov.21, 2009 @ 12:49 am, under College, High School

A former high school baseball coach that was involved in the 2007 Seibu Lions' scandal involving under-the-table payments to baseball prospects, has won his lawsuit against the educational institution he worked for, Kitakami Gakuen, for lost wages due to illegal termination from his job.

The courts ordered Kitakami Gakuen to pay the former high school baseball coach about 18M yen in back salary for illegally terminating the coach from his job in 2007.

A little background:

In 2003, a third year high school student baseball player and his parents entered into an illicit agreement with the Seibu Lions that promised to pay the student money if he chose their team after he graduated from Waseda University.  As part of the agreement, the coach was asked co-sign a contract that committed the player to Seibu when he entered the draft.

The scandal broke in 2007 and the coach was immediately dismissed from his position for "sullying" Kitakami Gakuen's name.

The ruling:

The courts found that while the coach may have co-signed a contract, he didn't gain any monetary compensation for doing so.  It was also later revealed that the contract never specifically mentioned that the player would be getting paid.

In the end, the courts ultimately ruled that Kitakami Gakuen misused their right to terminate employees and ordered the institution to pay the former baseball coach 18M yen in back salary.


Mainichi - 西武現金供与:専大北上の元野球部コーチが勝訴 盛岡地裁

Sanspo - 専大北上の元コーチ勝訴 西武金銭供与で解雇

Asahi - 専大北上高は「解雇権を乱用」 元コーチの訴え認める

=== UPDATE 12/10/2009 2:57pm JST

Kitakami Gakuen has filed for an appeal and the case will now be taken to the Sendai High Court.

=== UPDATE 3/1982010 11:46pm JST

Seems the two sides have come to an agreement.  They following three items were apparently part of the agreement:

Kitakami Gakuen will withdraw the termination punishment;

The coach will retire under his own free will at the end of March;

Kitakami Gakuen will pay whatever back wages are owed to him, up until his retirement.