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Around the NPB Horn: Schultz signs 2-year extension with Carp

by on Nov.22, 2009 @ 4:12 am, under NPB

Chiba Lotte Marines

...Naoyuki Shimizu made his final appearance in a Marines' uniform on Saturday at Chiba Marine Stadium for Fan Appreciation Day.  His old team mates even tossed him up into the air a couple of times.

Chunichi Dragons

...Saturday was the final day of fall practice for the Chunichi Dragons.

...The Dragons announced that they re-signed the following three players:

Takahashi, Akifumi - 40M yen (up 4M yen)
Hidenori - 33M yen (up 2M yen)
Fujii, Atsushi - still actually not quite finished

...While Yudai Kawai did re-sign a contract with the Dragons on Friday, but he wasn't fully satisfied with the amount he signed for.  Kawai ultimately re-signed for 34M yen, an increase of 23M yen.  What he was really hoping for was a contract in 40M yen range. In the end, the team wanted Kawai to record more complete games (he ended the year with just one).

Hanshin Tigers

...32,000 fans showed up for Fan Appreciation Day on Saturday.

The Tigers also played host to the Beijing Olympic Gold Medalist Softball team.  The softball team beat the Hanshin Tigers in a 3-inning game, 4-1.

The winners of the Mayumi Fresh Award were also announced: Atsushi Noumi and Keisuke Kano.

Mayumi Fresh Award - given to one pitcher and one catcher under the age of 30 and making less than 30M yen.  The winners of the award split a 10M yen cash prize.

...Minoru Iwata donated 7M yen to Nippon IDDM Network on Saturday.  IDDM Network is an organization that works with Type 1 diabetes patients.

Iwata, also a diabetic, promised to donate 100,000yen for each victory he recorded this past season.

...The Tigers are planning to set aside some Johjima Seats at Koshien Stadium.

When Kenji Johjima played for the Hawks, he had Johjima Seats set aside for children from welfare facilities.

Nippon Ham Fighters

...The Fighters introduced all 6 of their newly drafted players at Fan Appreciation Day on Saturday.

Nakamura, Masaru - #36
Ohtsuka, Yutaka - #14
Kato, Masayoshi - #39
Unten, John Clayton - #55
Masui, Hirotoshi - #43
Arahari, Yuji - #60

Hiroshima Carp

...The Carp re-signed Mike Schultz to a 2-year contract worth 66M yen a year plus bonuses.  The details still need to be ironed out, but that's likely what he'll signing for.

Schultz made 44M yen this past season.

Rakuten Eagles

...Katsuya Nomura was seen tearing up during a speech at a 5 year celebration of Kyotango City.  Six small towns were joined together on April 1, 2004 to form Kyotango City.  One of the six towns (Tango) also happened to be where Nomura was born.

Nomura later said that his tears were for his mother (he visited his parents grave earlier in the day).  She went through some very tough times when Nomura was younger and he often wished he could do something to help make things easier for her.

When a reporter later asked if there might be a chance he would return to his old home town, Nomura replied, "It isn't like I've though about coming back to my home town to relax a little.  But it's really all up to my wife..."

Yakult Swallows

...The Yakult Swallows re-signed Katsuki Akagawa to a 7M yen contract (down 1M yen).

Yokohama Bay Stars

...Beginning in January 2010, the Bay Stars are adding a Conditioning Department to their Scouting Department and getting rid of the Strength and Conditioning Coach.