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Around the NPB Horn: Trouble brewing between Buffaloes and Tigers?

by on Nov.24, 2009 @ 5:56 am, under NPB

Nippon Ham Fighters

...Yu Darvish's comments on Sho Nakata's performance during the U-26 vs College All-Stars game:

This isn't something new.  No matter how well he hits in Ni-gun, he can't make those kinds of mistakes.

Go all out.  Talk it up.  Get out onto the field first for warm-ups.  He couldn't get those basics down this season, that's why he couldn't stick in Ichi-gun.

...Masataka Nashida also voiced his concern:

You can't make those kinds of mistakes.  Hoshino even said that he wanted to see the look on the manager's face.

If we look to the future, we really need players like Nakata and Chung-Shou Yang to develop.  Otherwise we'll be in trouble.

Orix Buffaloes

...It seems as though the Hanshin Tigers contacted the Buffaloes directly and complained about Akinobu Okada talking about wanting Akihiro Yano.  That, in turn, has upset Okada.

"There's something wrong if they say there's been tampering.  They talk about trades in the newspapers.  But you don't see teams go after each newspaper if a trade doesn't go through.  I don't get it," said Okada.

He added, "That would be like the Yankees filing a complaint when they were talking about wanting Hideki Matsui.  Did the Yankees file a complaint?  What are they getting so caught up.

"If I was really pushing for it and trying to get it done then maybe you can call it tampering.  All I said was that I'm worried about Yano next season.  Couldn't they just say that they haven't re-signed Yano yet but team still wants to keep him, and then leave it at that?"

Yakult Swallows

...Norichika Aoki told fans that he would approach the 2010 season as if he's going to play in every game of the season batting fourth.  He also has his eyes set on winning a batting title.

Yomiuri Giants

...The Giants played an exhibition game against a celebrity baseball team featuring SMAP's Masahiro Nakai.

Newly drafted (and recently signed) Hisayoshi Chono made an appearance in that game as a pinch hitter and ended up walking.