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Tasuku Hashimoto and the Bay Stars agree to a 2-year deal

by on Nov.25, 2009 @ 10:39 am, under NPB

It appears as though the Yokohama Bay Stars and Tasuku Hashimoto have agreed to terms.

The contract will likely be a 1-year deal worth 75M yen (no change) plus incentives.

An official announcement could be made sometime today.

=== UPDATE 10:57am JST

It appears the Bay Stars have set aside the number 10 for Hashimoto and that the two sides will meet again on the 27th to hammer out some more details.

=== UPDATE 5:35pm JST

According to Sponichi, the two sides came to terms today and will meet on the 27th to sign a deal and then hold a press conference.

=== UPDATE 11/26/2009 12:55pm JST

Sanspo is reporting that the two sides likely agreed upon a 2-year deal with a salary of 75M yen plus incentives for the 2010 season.

=== UPDATE 11/27/2009 9:00pm JST

The Bay Stars held a press conference today to officially announce their deal with Hashimoto.

Hashimoto gets a 2-year deal and his salary for the 2010 season will be 75M yen plus incentives.  He was also assigned the number 10.

And a Q&A via Sanpo:

Your feelings right now?

As long as I'm going to play, my goal is to win.  I don't really have any specific stat-related goals, I just want to play in as many games as possible.

Your impressions of Yokohama...

They have a good line-up.  If the pitching and defense can do better, they'll be able to rise up in the standings.

Their expectations of your offense...

On defense, I need to be able to lead the pitchers.  On hitting, I'll be hitting low in the order...  I just need to make things happen.

Obana was the pitching coach when you first joining Lotte...

He liked theory and he seemed different.  Things I didn't understand back then, I think I'll have an easier time understanding now.

On games against Lotte...

I was a part of that team for 15 years.  I think it'll be a little strange facing them, but I'm sure I'll get really revved up for the games against them.