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Around the NPB Horn: CL and PL umps to work together in 2011

by on Nov.27, 2009 @ 4:22 pm, under NPB

Hiroshima Carp

...The Carp announced that Chugoku Shimbun will be releasing a scrap book of news paper clippings about the 2009 Hiroshima Carp season.

The team will begin accepting orders at the Mazda Stadium Carp store and their official online store beginning December 6th at 10am.  Copies will cost 400yen.

Orix Buffaloes

...Seems there's no new developments on the Tuffy Rhodes' front.

...Akinobu Okada isn't concerned about Daijiro Ohishi joining the the Hawks to be their head coach.

"The head coach doesn't really have much say.  We're beginning with a fresh start over here, so it doesn't matter.  There's nothing to worry about," aid Okada.

...Speaking of Okada, he dropped by Daily Sports HQ to speak about what it takes to be a leader.  He also dropped some interesting comments about the Hanshin Tigers:

I think it's difficult to say that Hanshin, at their worst, will finish in third next year.  It's possible that they could go out and win 90 games and take the championship, but it's also possible they'll finish the year in 5th or 6th.

If it were up to me, I wouldn't go after Johjima.  Sure, your offense improves.  But something else will likely get messed up.

It's possible they'll become like the Giants from a few years back when they couldn't win anything.

Rakuten Eagles

...Waseda University has invited Eagles' chairman Hiroshi Mikitani to be a special lecturer for a December 4th class titled, "From the front lines of top sports businesses."

...The TV program featuring Masahiro Tanaka and KBO pitcher Jung-Keun Bong will air on December 19th at 4:25pm JST during a program called "Sporutan! LIVE Special" on Sendai Broadcasting.  The program will only be available in Miyagi Prefecture.

...Takeshi Yamasaki is donating 2M yen to Miyagi Prefecture, 1.9M yen to Sendai City, and 600,000yen to Kurihara City.

Yamasaki promised a split of 100,000yen for every home run he hit this past season between Miyagi Prefecture and Sendai City.  To Kurihara City, he promised 200,000yen for every base he stole.

Softbank Hawks

...Takahiro Mahara is hoping that their new head coach, former Buffaloes' manager Daijiro Ohishi, will be able to pull some strings and get Hideo Nomo to become a special coach.

Ohishi brought in Nomo as a special coach this past season while he was managing the Orix Buffaloes.

Yakult Swallows

...The Tokyo Apache, a basketball team out of the bj League, will be offering discounts to fans that come to games on December 16th and 17th wearing Yakult apparel.  Non-reserved seats that usually cost 2,800yen at the door will go for 2,000yen.

Yokohama Bay Stars

...The Bay Stars officially announced that Naoyuki Shimizu's uniform number will be 17.

...Kimiyasu Kudo, speaking at the team's final meeting of the year on Thursday, said that he would attack the team next season during Inter-league play with the shuto that he picked up prior to the 2009 season.


...The mixing of Pacific and Central Leagues umpires will begin with Ni-gun games and changes to the caps.  Ichi-gun games and updated uniforms will be brought in for the 2011 season.