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Around the NPB Horn: Hirokazu Ibata becomes new chairman of the JPBPA

by on Dec.03, 2009 @ 6:06 pm, under NPB

Chiba Lotte Marines

...The Marines re-signed Naotaka Takehara to a contract worth 22M yen (up 5M yen).

Chunichi Dragons

...The Dragons re-signed the following two players:

Takashi Ogasawara - 52M yen (up 7M yen)

Kenichi Nakata - 60M yen (down 12M yen)

Nippon Ham Fighters

...The Fighters re-signed Naoki Miyanishi to a contract worth 38M yen (up 18M yen) during their second round of negotiations today.

...Tomoya Yagi, Eiichi Koyano, and Naoki Miyanishi made appearances at a Fan Club Dinner Show on Wednesday.  The trio spoke about winning the league title and Miyanishi treated fans to some karaoke songs.

...Masao Kida said he would look to Yu Darvish for some advice.

"He's Japan's number 1 pitcher.  More than teaching him, I want to use him as a model to help me learn," said Kida.  "I've only had a chance to watch him pitch in games.  I'd like to know a little more about what he does on a regular basis."

Orix Buffaloes

...The Buffaloes re-signed Kazuki Kondo to a contract worth 45M yen (up 10M yen).

Rakuten Eagles

...The Eagles re-signed Hiroshi Katayama to a contract worth 10M yen (down 1M yen).  And Ryuji Miyade has put an Eagles' offer on hold.

...The Eagles have been operating in the red since the first year they started playing in 2005.  Their plan is to get into the black by about 2015.

Seibu Lions

...The Lions re-signed Yutaro Ohsaki to a contract worth 14M yen (up 2M yen).

Softbank Hawks

...The Hawks re-signed Tu-Hsuan Lee to a contract worth 5.2M yen (no change).

...Hidenori Tanoue will be making his TV acting debut sometime later this month when he appears in a Kyushi Asahi Broadcasting drama (base on a true story) called Fukuoka Love Story 5.

Tanoue will be playing the role of a character that helps two classmates (one living in Fukuoka, the other in Yokohama) come together during a class reunion.

...Nagisa Arakaki was supposed to throw about 100 pitches during a bullpen session on Wednesday, but cut it short after 54 pitches because his session wasn't going so well.

Arakaki will likely decide whether or not to go under the knife after his next bullpen session on Sunday (12/6).

...Shuhei Fukuda will be training in Arizona between January 1st and 17th with Yakult Swallows' Hiroyasu Tanaka.  The two will be guests at Aaron Guiel's home.

Yakult Swallows

...The Swallows re-signed Yoshitaka Hashimoto to a contract worth 14M yen (up 1M yen).   They also re-signed Ryo Yoshimoto and Yasuhiro Ichiba.

Yokohama Bay Stars

...The Bay Stars re-signed:

Hayato Terahara - 64M yen (down 16M yen)

Yuki Yoshimura - 80M yen (down 6M yen)

...The Bay Stars held a press conference today to introduce the three players they received in a trade with the Nippon Ham Fighters: Yataro Sakamoto, Naoto Inada, and Suguru Matsuyama.

They were also assigned the following uniform numbers: Sakamoto (13), Inada (32), and Matsuyama (64).  Sakamoto's registered name will be Yataro.

...The Bay Stars have started selling replica Taiyo Whales uniforms and other Taiyo Whales items at their online store.

Yomiuri Giants

...The Giants re-signed Masafumi Togano to a contract worth 8.5M yen (down 1.5M yen).

...And Ken Kato put the Giants' offer on hold.


...Hirokazu Ibata takes over as the new chairman of the Japan Professional Baseball Players Association.  Hiroki Kokubo had been the chairman since 12/1/2005.

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  1. Deanna

    Spelling. Miyade. Ogasawara. Sakamoto. And Daijiro Ohishi, not Ohnishi, in a post 2-3 ago with the Hawks staff.

    Speaking of the Hawks, having Hawks players appear in the Fukuoka Love Story series is nothing new. Takahiro Mahara was in it a year or two ago, as were some other players at other times.

    1. Gen Post author

      What’s frustrating is that all of these spelling mistakes could have easily been avoided had I double-checked my work. But more times than not, I’m in a rush to get to the next story. Things get even worse when I haven’t been getting much sleep. I think I’ve totaled about 5 hours over the last 3 days.

  2. Deanna

    Honestly, if you are skipping out on sleep in favor of being a free newsfilter / translation service of Sponichi and Sankei, I think you should opt for more sleep ;)

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