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Around the NPB Horn: Players continue to re-sign contracts

by on Dec.03, 2009 @ 1:11 am, under NPB

Chiba Lotte Marines

...The Marines re-signed:

Tsuyoshi Nishioka - 170M yen (no change) Nishioka will be in the final year of a 3-year deal. sanspo

Daisuke Hayakawa - 40M yen (down 6M yen) sanspo

Chunichi Dragons

...The Dragons re-signed:

Kazuki Yoshimi - 90M yen (up 52M yen) sanspo

Masafumi Hirai - 60M yen (down 13M yen) sanspo

Hanshin Tigers

...The Tigers re-signed Daiyu Kanemura, Yutaka Tamaki, and Yusuke Takahashi to Ikusei contracts.

Hiroshima Carp

...The Carp's catch phrase for the 2010 season will be "We're Gonna Win, Oretachi wa katsu."  You can see the logo here.

Nippon Ham Fighters

...The Fighters held a press conference on Wednesday to introduce Masao Kida (signed), Takeharu Kato (trade), Takahiro Matsuka (trade), and Yuta Sekiguchi (trade).

Their uniforms numbers were also introduced: Kida (42), Kato (49), Matsuka (30), and Sekiguchi (57).

Orix Buffaloes

...The Buffaloes re-signed:

Takahiro Okada - 12M yen (up 5.1M yen) sanspo

Hiroyuki Oze - 25M yen (up 5M yen) sanspo

Rakuten Eagles

...The Eagles re-signed:

Ryo Hijirisawa - 16M yen (up 6M yen) sanspo

Kensuke Uchimura - 13M yen (up 3M yen) sanspo

...Only 16 players on the original roster of 61 (minus the foreigners) back in 2005 are still with the team today.

Seibu Lions

...The Lions announced a kanji change for Fumikazu Kimura (木村文和 > 木村文紀).

...Hiroyuki Nakajima put a 250M yen offer (up 50M yen) on hold.  The two sides met for about an hour on Wednesday and could not come to an agreement.

Lions re-signed:

Taiyo Fujita - 15M yen (up 4M yen) sanspo

Softbank Hawks

...The Hawks re-signed:

Shingo Tatsumi - 14M yen (down 1M yen) sanspo

Toru Takahashi - 6.8M yen (no change) and a uniform number change (24 > 64) sanspo

Yokohama Bay Stars

...The Bay Stars re-signed:

Toshihiro Noguchi - 85M yen (up 10M yen) Noguchi will also be in the second year of a 2-year deal.  sanspo

Yomiuri Giants

...The Giants re-signed:

Takahiro Suzuki - 42M yen (down 3M yen) sponichi

Ryuichi Kajimae - 11M yen (down 2M yen) sponichi