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Five high schools suspended from games

by on Dec.03, 2009 @ 1:04 am, under High School

The Japan High School Baseball Federation met on Wednesday and handed down the following punishments:

Game Suspensions

Araya High School (Akita) - bullying and financial extortion amongst the team

Inage High School (Chiba) - violence amongst the team

Kurayoshi Kita High School (Tottori) -  violence and bullying amongst the team

Kawaura High School (Kumamoto) soft baseball - drinking, driving a bike without a license

Fujisawa Sogo High High School (Kanagawa) - shoplifting, eating without paying


Kurayoshi Kita (Tottori) manager and baseball head - delay in reporting violence and bullying

Seiritsu Gakuen (Tokyo) coach - violence amongst the team