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Japan Hall of Fame 2010 Candidates

by on Dec.03, 2009 @ 12:43 am, under NPB

The following players are on the ballot for induction into the Hall of Fame on January 12, 2010.

Player Group

Eligibility: 5 years after they retire and then 15 years until they are dropped off the ballot.

Voting: About 300 members of the press with 15 or more years of experience get to vote.  Players that receive more than 75% of votes make it in.

Players that were on the ballot from before:

Name Team
Kato, Hideji Hankyu, Hiroshima, Kintetsu, Yomiuri, Nankai
Higashio, Osamu Nishitetsu, Taiheiyo, Crown Lighter, Seibu
Nashida, Masataka Kintetsu
Tao, Yasushi Chunichi, Seibu, Hanshin
Wells, Greg "Boomer" Orix, Daiei
Ohshima, Yasunori Chunichi, Nippon Ham
Kitabeppu, Manabu Hiroshima
Okada, Akinobu Hanshin, Orix
Hara, Tatsunori Yomiuri
Ohno, Yutaka Hiroshima
Ochiai, Hiromitsu Lotte, Chunichi, Yomiuri, Nippon Ham
Saito, Masaki Yomiuri
Akiyama, Koji Seibu, Daiei
Kato, Hajime Nishitetsu, Taiheiyo, Yomiuri
Suzuki, Takamasa Chunichi
Takahashi, Yoshihiko Hiroshima, Lotte, Hanshin
Tsuda, Tsunemi Hiroshima
Mayumi, Akinobu Taiheiyo, Crown Lighter, Hanshin
Kaku, Genji Chunichi
Watanabe, Hisanobu Seibu, Yakult
Ito, Tsutomu Seibu

Players that were added to the ballot this year:

Name Team
Kashiwabara, Junichi Nankai, Nippon Ham, Hanshin
Katori, Yoshitaka Yomiuri, Seibu
Komada, Norihiro Yomiuri, Yokohama
Shinozuka, Kazunori Yomiuri
Yamamoto, Kazunori Kintetsu, Nankai, Daiei, Kintetsu
Ohishi, Daijiro Kintetsu
Nakahata, Kiyoshi Yomiuri
Arai, Hiromasa Nankai, Kintetsu

Expert Group

Eligibility: 1) coaches, managers, umpires that have been retired for at least 6 months; 2) players that have been retired for at least 21 years.

Voting: About 50 members of the Hall of Fame get to vote.  Coaches, managers, umpires, and players that receive more than 75% of votes make it in.

Name Team
Minagawa, Mutsuo '92 Kintetsu Coach
Gondo, Hiroshi '00 Yokohama Manager
Eto, Shinichi '76 Lotte
Sotokoba, Yoshiro '99 Hiroshima Coach
Hoshino, Senichi '03 Hanshin
Dobashi, Masayuki '92 Nippon Ham Manager
Tabuchi, Koichi '03 Hanshin Coach
Hiramatsu, Masaji '84 Taiyo
Adachi, Mitsuhiro '85 Hankyu Coach
Shibata, Isao '84 Yomiuri Coach

7 comments on “Japan Hall of Fame 2010 Candidates

  1. Patrick

    It always amazes me how high the standard is to get into the Japanese Hall is. Ochiai and Akiyama seem like obvious first-ballot locks to me, but they didn’t get in last year. I’d love to see Boomer make it in, but given that Bass didn’t make it I don’t see that happening.

    1. Gen Post author

      Same here. Although I’m more surprised about Ochiai than I am Akiyama.

      Ochiai’s currently the only eligible player with 500+ HRs and 1500 RBIs not in the Hall. And as of this posting, he’s in the top 10 with hits as well.

    1. Gen Post author

      Ochiai burned a lot of bridges during his career. What’s kind of cool is that he really doesn’t seem to care.

  2. npbcardguy

    OK, I’m confused by these lists. Eeveryone on the newly eligible list retired much longer than 5 years ago: Kashiwabara (last season was 1988), Katori (1996), Komada (2000), Shinozuka (1994), Yamamoto (1999), Oishi (1997), Nakahata (1989) Arai (1992). But Akiyama (2002) and Ito (2003) both retired since the most recent retirement on the newly eligible list (Komada in 2000) and yet are returning to the ballot. What am I missing here?

    1. Gen Post author

      Ok, that might be my fault. The 8 in the second group are players that were added to the ballot this year, not necessarily players that became eligible for the ballot this year.

      Does that make more sense now?

      EDIT: I modified the headings a bit to hopefully provide a better explanation.

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