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Around the NPB Horn: Hideaki Wakui wants at least 200M yen

by on Dec.06, 2009 @ 12:18 pm, under NPB

Chiba Lotte Marines

...Yoshihisa Naruse is working keeping his weight down during the off-season.  He showed up at a baseball clinic the other day weighing about 83kg, par for what he usually weighs during the season.

He'll be sitting down with the team today and hopes his salary for the 2010 season hits the 100M yen range (his salary for the 2010 season was 73.5M yen).

Hashin Tigers

...Minoru Iwata sat down with about 100 diabetes patients at Kitano Hospital in Osaka on Saturday.

Iwata mentioned that Bill Gullickson provided Iwata with hope that he could become a baseball player.

...Kenji Johjima put in an order to have his practice bats colored with the Tigers' colors (white with yellow and black designs).  He will also be sporting catcher's gear in the team colors next season.

Hiroshima Carp

...Kenta Kurihara refrained from setting any statistical goals for next season and simply said that he wanted to have a productive full season.  Kurihara fell short of the goal he set prior to the 2009 season and doesn't want to make that mistake put that type of pressure on himself again.

...In preparation for moving out of the team dorm, Kenta Maeda purchased a Funny Bed that set him back about 300,000yen.  He struggled with the bed he was using in the team dorm and decided to splurge on one that will allow him to sleep snug at night.  The Funny Bed is apparently the only bed in the world that offers a latex mattress with small dimples.

Nippon Ham Fighters

...Dai-Kang Yang (Yoh) will also be joining Yu Darvish for training in January.  Darvish will now be training with both Yang and Romash Tasuku Dass in January.

...Masanori Hayashi is working on a new pitch (a two-seamer) in preparation for a possible shift to the rotation for the 2010 season.

Orix Buffaloes

...Kazuki Kondo donated about 116,300yen to UNICEF on Saturday.  On August 12th, Kondo promised to donate enough money to cover 5 polio vaccines for every pitch he threw from that game until the end of the season.  Kondo appeared in 9 games and tossed 1,163 pitches, good for 5,815 polio vaccinations (each vaccination apparently cost about 20yen).

Kondo plans on doing this again next season and may add additional money to the final donation total for every win he records.

...Akinobu Okada will be on the look-out for a pitcher he can turn into a closer, ala Kyuji Fujikawa when he was converted into a reliever in 2005 and then a closer partway through the 2006 season.  Okada also plans on starting with a clean slate for the bullpen.

...Hiroki Kokubo made an appearance at a fan event on Saturday dressed up as Dracula.  He also sang about 4 songs on a stage.  There were about 100 fans at the event.

...Okada said that he plans on using Hiroshi Kisanuki as a starter next season.

Seibu Lions

...Hideaki Wakui will be looking for a contract offer that's worth at least 200M yen (his contract this past season was worth 120M yen).  But he realizes it might not be easy to get what he wants as his teammate Hiroyuki Nakajima left his negotiations by putting the Lions on hold for only offering him a 50M yen raise.

...During yesterday's Battery Award Ceremonies, Wakui said that he would like to pitch to Ginjiro in the 2013 WBC.

Softbank Hawks

...Toshiya Sugiuchi is another player that isn't happy about the Hawks' move toward banning personal trainers from the ball park.

"Are they telling me not to win by saying I can't use the personal trainer that helped me put up results?  I'm also have a blood flow condition," said Sugiuchi.  "If the personal trainer isn't allowed to enter the ball park, then am I to return home during the game to get proper treatment?  I think that would cause more problems."

...Shota Ohba moved out from the team dorms and will begin life on his own today (12/6).

Yakult Swallows

...Yoshinori Sato celebrated his 20th birthday on Saturday and said that his goal for next season will be to throw 200 innings.

Yokohama Bay Stars

...For the first time in his career, Seiichi Uchikawa had his agent take care of his contract negotiations.  And it looks like it paid off as he re-signed for 150M yen (up 85M yen).

Yomiuri Giants

...Commissioner Kato said that Shinnosuke Abe reminded him of Yogi Berra during yesterday's Battery Award Ceremonies.  Yogi Berra?  Oh boy...

...Taishi Ohta will be working on getting his name out to more Giants' fans during the off-season.  He was apparently saddened when a number of kids failed to recognize him during a elementary school event he attended on Saturday.

...The Giants  were planning on giving Wirfin Obispo the uniform number 13, but he apparently turned it down because it's unlucky.  The Giants then thought about giving Obispo the number 38, but he turned that one down as well and said that he'd rather just keep his old number (91).


...Kento Tsujimoto attended two tryouts and was not able to gain the interest of any NPB teams (or overseas teams as well it seems).  Tsujimoto is currently contemplating the possibility of going to college in the States.