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Industrial League Best Nine

by on Dec.09, 2009 @ 10:05 pm, under Industrial

The Japan Amateur Baseball Association announced the winners of the Best Nine Awards on Wednesday.

Pos Name Kanji Team
P Chikugawa, Rikiya 筑川利希也 Honda
C Saeki, Ryo 佐伯亮 Honda
1B Tashiro, Tomohiro 田城智博 Mitsubishi Yokohama
2B Sano, Hiroto 佐野比呂人 Toyota
3B Tabata, Yuichi 多幡雄一 Honda
SS Kawato, Yohei 川戸洋平 Honda
OF Chono, Hisayoshi 長野久義 Honda
OF Kotegawa, Yoshinobu 小手川喜常 Honda
OF Yoshida, Shota 吉田承太 Nissan
DH Watanabe, Hidenori 渡部英紀 Mitsubishi Yokohama

6 comments on “Industrial League Best Nine

  1. Deanna

    Not sure why you don’t have these in there, but Sano’s a Hosei alum who plays for Toyota. Shota Yoshida is from the now-defunct Nissan team.

  2. Patrick

    Did either of you guys see Chono this year? I didn’t catch him online this year, but always thought he seemed overrated when I saw him in the past.

    On a related note, what about Sho Aranami? He was listed as a solid draft candidate but then didn’t get picked.

    1. Gen Post author

      I haven’t really seen enough of Chono to really formulate an opinion, but I think he definitely has talent. It seemed like every game I watched that he played in, he did something to help his team win (but again, the sampling is small).

      As for the hype, he’s got plenty of it. And skipping out on the draft twice probably adds to that hype.

      I don’t think I’ve seen Aranami play, so I can’t comment on him.

      I’ll defer the rest of the information to Deanna. She’s seen a lot more Industrial League games over the years than I have, so she probably has a better grasp on their skill sets.

    2. Deanna

      I’ve only seen Aranami play on TV. He was at Koshien and at Tokai a bit too early for me, and I didn’t actually make it to a Toyota game in person, but I did watch a game or two of theirs on TV this year because I wanted to see Yukinaga Tanaka ;)

      I’ve seen Chono a few times over the years, but my perception of him is colored. The first time I remember booing him and he was really really bad, but after that he actually did pretty well both at the plate and in the field.

      However, in either case, I am not a scout, I don’t know how you people evaluate skill sets. I can tell you Aranami is a fast little dude, for example, but I don’t really have much else besides that. For me it’s more like, hey, cool, he was in the same class as Yoshihisa Naruse.

      Oh yeah, and yay for Chikugawa making the best nine! :) I forgot that part. I hate Chono, but I like Honda, so I’m glad for some of the other players.

  3. Matt

    I saw Aranami play back in April in an exhibition game @ Nagoya Stadium against the Dragons 2-gun squad.

    He definitely has great speed and has a good eye for the ball but I’m not so sure about his ability to hit for power though. He most certainly could contribute to an NPB team if given the chance IMHO.

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