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Masahiro Tanaka makes an appearance at Komazawa University

by on Dec.12, 2009 @ 2:06 pm, under NPB

Masahiro Tanaka made an appearance at Komazawa University on Friday at a Career Guidance event; about 450 students showed up for the 1 hour event.

He provided the following 5 interview guidelines to students:

  1. Don't be embarrassed, just be yourself
  2. Prepare an interesting anecdote for interviews
  3. Always introduce yourself first
  4. Don't over-reach, just be true to yourself
  5. Stick to your guns on issues you believe in

He also gave the following tips:

Interview Tips

I'm a shy person so I have a tough time speaking to new people.  But if you're nervous, the person you're speaking to will see right through that.  If you have an interesting anecdote you can use that to help break the ice.  I have the anecdote about my nickname, Ma-kun, so I can use that to help me communicate with other people.

Setting Goals

Everyone should have something that interests them.  If you don't do something because you're afraid of failure, then you'll lose that chance [to succeed].  You should try everything you can.

Dealing with Superiors

If Katsuya Nomura told me to do things I didn't agree with, I just didn't do them.  But you don't want to ignore everything they say.  If you try their suggestion once and it doesn't work for you, I think you can just drop it.  You need to learn how to read the proper timing to push and pull with your superiors.

He also answered a few questions:

You had your best season this year, your third season...

I was able to change the failures I suffered in my first and second year into successes this year.

Nomura complained about your a number of times...

He complained so much about me, I don't remember what he was complaining about.  The only thing I really remember is, "Ma-kun, child of a god, a strange child."

If you were a college student...

I never wanted to be a college student.  I just wish I could lead an ordinary life.  If I tried to sneak in a date with a girl and it came out into the public, I'm sure things would get crazy.

Is Waseda's Saito your rival?

He's a good pitcher.  I hope we'll be able to push each other further.  But I want to be the top pitcher in my age group.  I don't want to lose out [to him].

Of course, the irony in all of this is that Tanaka likely hasn't had an interview himself since he went straight into baseball.


Tsuyoshi Yoda made an appearance at Waseda University and spoke about sports journalism on Friday.