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Draft News and Notes: Shunsuke Fujikawa gets the number 7

by on Dec.15, 2009 @ 9:55 pm, under NPB

Chunichi Dragons

...The Dragons will be holding a special training session for new players (all Ikusei players and all newly drafted players) at Nagoya Stadium over a period of three days beginning on January 11th.  Yasushi Miki, team trainer, will be putting together the training menus for the 3 days session and says that he won't bend for any players that might not be able to make it through his rigorous training.  Not even for Ryoji Nakata.

One of the items on the menu includes running for 30 minutes, doing 5 and 10 laps around the field.  In all, there's enough running involved to run a full marathon (42.195 km).

Nakata's 115 kg weight is the heaviest for any player selected in the draft.  And while Nakata can run the 50m in 6.4s, it isn't known how he'll do in distance running.

Incidentally, when I saw him play I was really surprised at how quick he was on his feet.  Still, you do have to worry about all the weight coming down on his knees.  He might be fine now, but 10 years down the road, will he be suffering from knee problems?

Hanshin Tigers

...Now that Shunsuke Fujikawa has signed with the Tigers, they can now move on to more important this like what to do about his last name.  The team may check with Kyuji Fujikawa to see what he thinks, but more than likely is that Shunsuke Fujikawa will be registered at "藤川俊."

The Tigers also assigned Fujikawa the number 7.

Rakuten Eagles

...All 6 of the Eagles 2009 draft prospects were in Sendai on Wednesday to check out Kleenex Stadium.