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Draft News and Notes: Possibility for a Kikuchi vs Imamura / Dobayashi match-up on March 4

by on Dec.16, 2009 @ 12:14 pm, under NPB

Daily Sports is getting excited about the possibility of Yusei Kikuchi pitching against the Hiroshima Carp during an exhibition game on March 4th.

That could indeed be an interesting game if Takeru Imamura and / or Shota Dobayashi can make appearances for the Carp.


Hanshin Tigers

...Masanori Fujihara was a guest on ABC Radio's Genki Ichi-ban! on Tuesday.  Fujihara will likely start at Ichi-gun Spring camp next season.  He told listeners that he plans on making sure that he's ready to pitch come February 1st.

...Shunsuke Fujikawa checked out the Ni-gun training facilities in Nishinomiya on Tuesday, as well as the dorms and the Koshien grounds before moving on to a physical and strength tests.

After weighing in at 67 kg, Fujikawa said that he would work on gaining about 4-5 kg during the off-season (his optimal weight is apparently about 71-72 kg).  His vertical jump also came in at 63 cm, above the team average of 59 cm.

Fujikawa said that he plans on using his legs next season to compete.

Rakuten Eagles

...Now that Masahiro Tanaka is now longer living in the player dorms, it's up for grabs.  Seems all 6 of the Eagles' 2009 draft prospects are interested in the room.

Yomiuri Giants

...Hisayoshi Chono is apparently dating TV Asahi announcer Sayaka Shimohira.  Shimohara is 11 years Chono's senior.