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Rakuten Eagles Announce 2010 Coaching Staff

by on Dec.16, 2009 @ 11:09 am, under NPB

Complete list of Rakuten Eagles coaches for the 2010 season (italics indicate new coaches):


Position Name DOB Salary Uni
Manager Marty Brown 1/23/1963 60M 81
Head Coach Jeff Livesey 5/24/1966 30M 75
Batting Coach Hideo Furuya 8/1/1955 20M 77
Assistant Batting Coach Osamu Abe 12/19/1962 15M 76
Pitching Coach Yoshinori Sato 9/11/1954 20M 71
Pitching Coach (Bullpen) Ryoji Moriyama 7/20/1963 15M 72
Battery Coach Katsuhiko Yamada 7/2/1969 15M 70
INF / Base running Coach Mineo Fukuhara 9/20/1957 15M 80
OF / Base running Coach Atsuhiro Motonishi 5/15/1962 15M 78


Position Name DOB Salary Uni
Manager Toru Nimura 12/26/1961 30M 88
Batting Coach Luis Lopez 9/1/1964 15M 79
Batting Coach Osamu Hoshino 5/4/1970 15M 86
Battery Coach Misao Takaura 9/2/1969 15M 73
INF / Base running Coach Yasuo Nagaike 10/5/1973 15M 89
OF / Base running Coach Koju Hirohashi 1/11/1957 20M 85
Ikusei Coach (Fielders) Keizaburo Yoneda 1/13/1943 15M 74
Ikusei Coach (Pitchers) Toyohiko Yoshida 9/4/1966 15M 82
Ikusei Coach (Batting) Koichi Isobe 3/12/1974 15M 83

Note: Salary figures are taken from Nikkan Sports and are estimates.

One comment on “Rakuten Eagles Announce 2010 Coaching Staff

  1. joe

    Congrats to the eagles for getting Luis Lopez to become the hitting coach. He is a tireless worker who was a great hitter. He will help the talented players improve and will become a major influence in the dugout. Bringing Luis back to the field will pay huge dividends to this team.

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